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Awesome Shiny Apps for Statistics

A curated list of awesome Shiny Apps for statistics (ASAS) can

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Common Plots

Common Statistic

Common Distribution

Random Samples

Two groups or multiple groups comparison

Hypothesis Testing

Linear Regression

Nonlinear Models for Continous Variables

K-means Clustering

Categorical Models

Survival Model

Bayesian Analysis

Longitudinal Analysis

Test Analysis

Complete Data Analysis

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Help Wanted

Several ways you can help

  1. Create a Shiny App that explains the statistics concept missing on the list
  2. Add latest and greatest Shiny Apps that explain statistics concepts
  3. Delete broken links to Shiny Apps
  4. Delete links to low-quality Shiny Apps
  5. Design the appearance of the website
  6. Fix any typo
  7. Rewrite the title or description of any Shiny App to make them more easily understood
  8. Suggest different ways to categorize

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